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teen sex blogsYou are just gonna love my teen sex blogs, wanna know why? Because they are filled with all kinds of stories all about all the dirty things I do with my daddy and other guys! Like I can tell you all about yesterday when my daddy came home from work. I was such a good girl, I had dinner cooked and ready and I had slipped a sleeping pill in Mommy’s wine so she was passed out in the living room and couldn’t bother us. I brought him his food and sucked his cock while he was eating his dinner, I wanted to make sure he was nice and relaxed after his long day at work and I just knew that it was working. I don’t know how Daddy managed to eat his dinner without choking while I sucked his dick but he did, he even finished it while he was cumming in my mouth! Then he told me to lay down and he licked my pussy till I came all over his face… it felt so good I thought I was gonna die!

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