Who’s Your Mama?

best phone sex reneeYou walk in the room and you see me. Sitting on the bed, legs cocked to one side and tucked back. I watch your dick get hard as you take in the provocative lingerie I am wearing. The look in your eyes tells me everything I need to know and I feel the dampness in my panties as I anticipate the ravishing I am about to get.
Smiling that evil “I am going to fuck you” smile you walk towards me as you are taking off your clothes.
Your dick springs out and the tip is already glistening with drops of pre-cum.
You rub it on my lips and I hungrily lick it off. You know how I love the taste of the thick milky liquid that your balls produce.
You push my panties aside and slide your fingers inside my slick pussy. Fucking my pussy with your fingers I slide that cock in my mouth.
Fuck me now please…

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