What Ya Got Cooking?

adult phone chat reneeI know you are out there cold and hungry. Don’t worry baby I got you covered. I know how to warm you up inside and out. Let me start by braving this weather and coming over to cook you a nice hot meal. First I change out of my cold, wet clothes and slip into nothing but my apron and chef’s hat as I move around the kitchen, gathering all the things I need to fill you up with something nice and warm. All while you watch, getting harder by the minute, knowing that soon you will be filling me up with something nice and hard, waiting to pump something nice and warm inside me. Being snowed in with me means you will never be cold or hungry for anything and you know it. Aren’t you glad I cam over to be with you? Now come on baby open wide let me get this food in you so you can feed my need too. I so want your man meat inside me followed by a mouth full of that hot liquid your keeping in your heavy balls. I know it’s going to be delicious, satisfying and oh so filling. I am really famished!

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