Tied and Bound!

Adult phone chat

I lean over the side of the bed, bound in cuffs with a spreader bar attached to my ankles. Aaron had left to go get some more ‘supplies’ and my wet snatch was leaking at the thought of his thick cock. When I heard the door open, I felt ready to burst.

“Where have you been?’ I moaned, “come here and fuck me!”

“Bit mouthy for a whore, isn’t she?” My blood ran could at the deep voice

“Who the hell are-” the slap to my face snapped my head back and to my shame my pussy grew even wetter. I felt another pair of hands, to big to be Aaron’s, trace along the back of my thighs and prod my asshole.

“look at this! Bitch is already lubed up,” I opened my mouth to explain, and the man in front of me grabbed my face, fingers stuck firmly in the corners of my mouth. Holding it open. He pulled me harshly around, pulling me off the bed by my face until I was supported solely by his grip.. Without ceremony, he stuck his dick down my throat. I had taken it from larger, but right now I was being supported by the grip he was using in my long blonde hair to fuck my face.

You know,” said the voice behind me, “it was nice of your sissy boyfriend to give us his key. Said you were a cheater. Course most boys’ll say anything when they’re getting nailed with a 15 inch strap-on.” He began sticking fingers in my ass hole. The first one went in easily, but by the time he worked his fist all the way in, I could feel my body straining to accommodate him.

“Still,” he said, “thought I’d do him a little favor.” He pulled his hand out with a sick sucking sound and some thing else, some thing Bigger, began to prod my ass.

“Anatomically correct King Kong Dick, the internet is a wonderful place” I screamed around the dick in my mouth as he drove it home. “With an extra coating of icy-hot to kick things up a notch.

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