Thursdays are so much fun

adult phone chat KatelynI love Thursdays. Today is Thursday which is the day all my sister’s friends come over. It’s the funniest day of the month. My sister brings over her six friends. I love humiliating them. They are younger so they are afraid to tell anyone what I do to them. Sometimes I even bring over a male friend. He’s here today. We line the girls up, having them lying on the floor. We both start pissing all over their pretty faces. They look like such whores covered in piss. We make the three of the girls rub the other girl’s faces into the piss to mop it up with their hair. Then we make them line up on their hands and knees. We make them eat the girl’s ass in front of them. The one on the end gets my friend’s cock right into her ass, without any lube. The one in the front gets to eat my pussy out. By the time I come, the girl’s jaws are aching from the pain of working their mouths for so long. I come all over this little bitch’s face. But my friend hasn’t came yet. He likes to get really naughty. I wonder what he has in mind…

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