The whole family is here!

orgy phone sexMy whole family is here for the holidays! This is going to be one huge orgy! EVERYONE is going to be fucking… I’m talking about my little ones and their little ones, their grandma (myself) and of course all their aunts, uncles and cousins. I even know our neighbors will be there for some fun! They love family fucking as much as we do, and we are more than happy to share in this orgy fun with you. Which pussy do you want to lick first? Who do you wanna fuck hard and fast? Who deserves that big cock of yours? I am sure there is enough cum to go around. I know the little ones and me will be covered in it! I love to help with them, they need some guidance and reassurance as a big monster cock rips them apart. I tell them they have to be a good girl or a good boy and they listen to me just as they should, they lay there and maybe a cry a little while they take cock after cock, they must know that it’s only a temporary love stick and once they are all full up of that warm white substance they can go take a bath together. Mmm… oh yes, the holidays are the best time for a family orgy.

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