The Big Ben Factor

sexy slut dixieHe is a legend around here. Ben is his name but Big Ben is what we all know him by. His cock is a monster and he loves getting several of us together to fuck us with that huge dick until we either beg for mercy or more. Wither way he doesn’t stop until he has dumped his huge load in whatever hole he decides he wants that day. Big Ben knows that when we see his number on the caller ID our pussies start to drip juices because we know what is about to happen. Personally I like it when Big Ben gives me some real good shit and gets me nice and fucked up before shoving that cock of his down my throat and making me gag. I like a little one on one time with him before we bring other girls into the action and create our centipede. Big Ben certainly knows how to keep a phone sex whore happy! Thanks babe…blow jobs phone sex big dick

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