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You know what I love best about adult phone chat?

adult phone chat You know what I love best about adult phone chat? It gives me so many dirty ideas of new things to try at home! I talk to pervy guys on the phone and when I hang up I go looking for a man to fuck for real, I just can’t help myself! Like yesterday I talked to this guy that wanted me to be his auntie and I walked in on him sniffing my dirty panties and jerking off so I ended up making him eat my pussy for real as his punishment. Listening to him beg me to eat my pussy got me wet as fuck and I started thinking about how sexy it would be to catch my little grandson doing the same thing. So I made sure to crack my door open so that he could hear me talking to my caller and I was loudly telling him how much it turned me on to fantasize like that. I was hoping that my grandson would hear and go looking for my dirty panties and you know what? He did! When I got off the phone my sweet grandson was licking my dirty panties and rubbing his cock so I got to make my phone fantasy real! It was amazing!

Dirty Granny Belinda