Submissive phone chat with Makayla

Submissive phone chat

I know you want this tiny body against yours. I know you want to stick your tongue into my juicy wet bald pussy! But what do you want to put inside of me first?! There are so many options. Do you want to tease my bald cunny with your fingers? Or do you want to lick my cunny through my white cotton panties? Thinking about every option is making your thick cock so hard! I mean you could pull my panties to the side and tease my bald light pink cunny lips with the tip of your tongue or with your fingers.. There are so many options and we haven’t even gotten to you touching my tiny clitty!! See you could slowly pull my panties off and kiss me gently. You could spread my puffy bald pink cunny lips apart. Look at my tiny hole and see how wet my cunny is for you! You could stick your tongue in my tight little cunny hole or you could tease me with your fingers… So many options!! What will you choose? 

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