Subby Mommy

adlt phone chat jessicaI went to visit my son last week. He has changed so much from when he was my master and kept me so happy. He has a cute little wife now and I can tell she doesn’t do the things I like, or at least I thought. I was up playing with my pussy because I couldn’t sleep and I heard a whip cracking outside. I looked to see that my son had his wife tied to a tree and was spanking her ass with a bull whip. I was so jealous. He slapped her ass with that whip and commanded her every move. He eventually slow fucked her while choking her with the whip and then came all over her ass cheeks. When he was done I walked outside and begged to be next. So he tied me up next to her and whipped my ass slowly for hours. I had my baby master back. He then handed his wife a dildo which she stuck in my cunt while he fucked my ass. They pounded both my holes until I couldn’t move; only the ropes were holding me up. When we were done his wife asked if I wanted to come back. Come back, shit mommy wants to move in.

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