Sexy Sissy Mommy

adult phone chat darlaBeing the mommy of a sissy boy while still being a hot ans sexy MILF that loves dick is a lot of fun. I love my sweet sissy and his friends just as if they were my own and when I need to teach them about being a sissy in the real world my boy friends are always eager to lend a helping hand. Watching them help with sissy training, teaching the boys that there is more to being a sissy then looking pretty and twirling around is one of the best things about being a sissy loving mommy. Watching them learn how to take a cock deep in their throats and how to please man like the girls that they long to be makes for hot phone sex that will make you cum for days! Cum play with us, it doesn’t matter if your a sissy that wants to be loved and accepted or a man that wants to help train the boys, either way we can have lots of fun together.

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