Sexy Mommas Love Summer

sexy mommasSexy mommas love summer time. Why? All the little munchkins are home from school. Over Memorial Day Weekend, my boys had a party. They invited about 20 of their little school pals. I was in dirty mommy heaven seeing all those young morsels. I wore an inappropriate white bikini. It barely covered my big knockers. Plus, it was completely see through when wet and it didn’t cover my ample ass well at all. In front of twenty something horny boys, I lathered my body with suntan oil making my skin glisten and glow. As I poured the oil over my heaving big bouncy breasts, little boys popped tents in their swim trunks. I dove in the deep in, and horny munchkins followed suit. I accidentally on purpose let my bikini top fly off so the boys could see my mommy jugs. One boy gasped as he pointed at my instant flotation devices. All the boys suddenly acted like they couldn’t swim just to hold on to my big boobs. Soon swim trunks were off and little hairless balls and cocks were floating in the water making my cunt even wetter.  I had the boys float on their backs so I could see their stiff wood. I started molesting little dicks with my hands and mouth. I was in dirty mommy heaven. My son said I should use boy cream as lotion instead of tanning oil. He had a good idea. I let all those horny devils drop a load of boy batter on me. The ones that came in my mouth, I spit their boy seed on my big tits and rubbed it in. My boobs glisten much better with white boy jizz that suntan oil anyway. Before little dicks pruned up, I took 20 blasts of cum. Oh how I am going to enjoy the summer.

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