Sexy Granny Samantha’s Candy Shop

adult phone chat samanthaThis sexy granny loves the summer so much because my grand angels are around all the time. For a dirty granny, this is the key to a fun summer. It means I have naked little brats splashing about in the pool and running around the house. I had a family pool party this weekend that was more realistically a family orgy. When at grandma’s house, anything goes. My oldest grandson invited his little teen girlfriend and her dad. According to him, they are a family that plays together too. I’m always skeptical about bringing in outsiders, but when my grandson told me he fucked his girlfriend while her daddy watched, I knew they were my kind of family.

When they arrived, I introduced myself. Steve, the girl’s daddy, was in sensory overload looking at all the young naked flesh running around. I saw him eyeballing my middle granddaughter intently, so I suggested they have a little play time together. This particular grand girl, loves meeting new folks. She is not very tall yet, so she shook his dick to introduce herself. This made Steve almost explode. “Been awhile since you had a girl this young,” I inquired. He looked embarrassed. I assured him she was quite willing to please him however he wanted.

She just started sucking his cock in front of the entire family. “See, Steve, I told you this is a very open family,” I said. We all watched as our guest got his cock blown by my granddaughter. He didn’t last long. Blew a load of spunk down her tiny mouth. He was shocked that she swallowed his seed. ” No one spits out spunk under my roof,” I laughed. We all jumped in the pool afterwards, to let Steve recuperate. If you are a guest in my house, you get to sample all the goodies. He still had two more grand girls to try out, and three grandsons if he was so inclined. I like to think of my home more like a candy shop.

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