Sex Slave

Adult phone chatI’m a very submissive woman. I need a very dominant man to take control. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than making my Master happy. I’ll happily stay on my knees for hours sucking your cock if it’ll make you happy. Your wish is my command. I’ll walk around naked all day because I know you like to look at my body. And when we have guests over it’s my job to make them feel welcome. With your permission, I’ll gladly suck their cocks, too. And if I ever disobey you it’s your job to punish me. Bend me over and spank my bare ass red. Sometimes I need a good spanking to put me in my place. Are you man enough to take charge? Are you ready to have a sex slave that lives to please you? I want to belong to you. I want to be your property, your object. Be my Master.

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