School is so easy!

teen sex blogsI don’t know about you… but during the day – I go to school. And school is fucking boring, unless of course I do something about it! I do all types of things to keep school interesting, but one of my favorite things to do is wear my favorite skirt – the one that literally just comes to the bottom of my ass cheek. That and my lowest cut shirt that shows off these amazing perky titties and voila I am looking fuckable! But none of the teachers ever fall for a simple sexy outfit…I have to do more to pull them in. I just do one simple thing to my outfit, I ‘forget’ to wear panties under my super short skirt and somehow when that happens school not only gets funner but easier! I flash all my male teachers because they have no control – they have to look and every single one of them made me stay after class to discuss my behavior. I knew that I was going to make the honor roll this year so I simply offered each and every one of them some relief from my little strip tease and all of a sudden I was an A+ student and satisfied with today’s lesson.

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