River Of Hot Piss

adult phone chat NikkiMy legs were spread, my eyes closed, and I couldn’t help but rub my snatch as hard as I could. The pressure that was building up inside was overwhelming and my nipples were as hard as a rock. They rubbed incessantly on the inside of my small tank top. I have never been this overwhelmed with eroticism before. I’m not even sure how the feeling came over me. All they know is one moment I was taking a piss and the next moment I was orgasmic over and over again on my toilet. I think it was when I woke up half asleep I didn’t realize that the night before when fucked all night long and had left my clitoris very over sensitive. I wake up in the middle of the night and when I start to piss it just feels so hot, running down over my clitoris like a rock at the mouth of a river. It was flowing, my juices. I wasn’t sure if it was piss or come, but I couldn’t stop touching myself and I had spasms on that toilet for what seemed like forever. My eyes started to water and I let out a huge moan. And I will never ever look at toilet paper the same ever again!
The contrast of the rough toilet paper and my soft hands working my sex over in a frenzy made my knees so weak that when I stood up to go back to bed I almost fell flat on my face. I’m not sure if I was making a lot of noise but my lover stood up walked towards me immediately started to grope caress pinch squeeze and finger fuck my cunt so hard that I must have came again. He said he saw me and heard me on the toilet piss all over myself and he started to suck on my fingers telling me how sexy that was. Do you find toilet sex and golden showers sexy? If you do give me a ring I’m dying to hear your story!

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