Peggy loves adult phone chat

adult phone chat“Peggy loves adult phone chat and being a dirty slut!” is what I overheard my son’s friend’s mother tell her friend the other day and she’s not wrong. She was trying to be catty but honestly, I love talking dirty and I love fucking young boys so I think she is just jealous. I bet she wants to get all this young cock like I do but she is too fat and ugly for them to want to fuck her. It’s not my fault that I am still sexy as fuck and her own son wants me. Well I decided to teach that jealous whore a lesson. I had my son invite her son over to spend the night and made sure to dress as sexy as possible. I flirted with that boy until he was about to lose his mind and then I fucked him all night long. I took his virginity and made him feel better than he had ever felt before. Now he is totally in love with me and his mother hates it! He talks about me all the time and it just burns her up. I love it!

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