No Limits Adult Phone Chat

Since I was a little girl I have been trying to put Barbie’s tight fuzzy sweaters on Ken’s hard body!

I should have known that that I love sissies!

I love the sass, the sexy slut attitude, and the diva boldness from, cross dressers, sissies and femboys!

And know that I am an adult phone chat sissy trainer, I get to play dress up with real dolls all the time!

Don’t tell anyone but I get a little excited the first time we share a dressing room and I see those balls wrapped up tight in those sexy little panties!

Sometimes I watch them as they slide that cut little but plug in that tight man cunt while we are doing a blowjob phone sex call!

They cant see me but I am playing with my clit the entire time!

Oh don’t act so surprised! I know you would be stroking your cock if you were watching!

I just love a guy who doesn’t hide his fetishes during our kinky phone chat!

So dress up boys!

Put on your sweetest little lingerie so I can watch you take it off!

Don’t forget the toys and the lube!

There are no limits with this slut! I want to do it all!

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