Naughty Skirt Pics

Adult phone chatBeing a hot slut is just one of the best perks of also being an adult phone chat slut! My pussy just goes crazy with the thought of letting you take over my turned-on body. I want the feeling of you all over me as you treat me as the whore that I am. I am completely named, fingering my pussy and one of the dirtiest cunts that you can imagine as I get down on my knees to worship and suck your cock off until you want or until you need me to stop! Let me show you how much of a slut I can be!

The setting of our game is I was the one who stalked you, you grabbed my attention after paying for my groceries because I caught you sneaking pictures from underneath my skirt! Little did you know how flattered my young cunt was, I’m surprised you didn’t catch the wet spot on my panties with the flash on. So I followed you home. I knocked on your door, now just craving to have you inside of me. Your shocked face but hard cock is one image I’ll never forget. I push my way through with my little hands grabbing your cock through your pants. Give me what I want before I just take it!
I’m thrown onto a soft couch and ravaged by you. Our spit and kissing lips are spread everywhere. I get on my knees and take out your cock and start sucking. You pull my hair back and push my head down onto you as I try and train those sweet balls full of my dinner! I get on my hands and knees fast, fuck my ass now! Make me scream so loud that your neighbor wants to join and we all have a hot fuck session!

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