Naughty Elf on the Shelf learns a lesson from mommy Kathy’s girls!

I got my little girls the crazy elf on a shelf doll. I love putting him in different naughty positions! My girls love searching around for him. They have found him eating a Barbie pussy while getting fucking in the ass by another Barbie with a strap on! They wanted to reenact the same position they found that naughty little elf on the shelf. Lucky for them I had a client walk in who wanted to be a naughty boy and be punished.

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He paid top dollar for my little sluts so I made it extra fun and sexy for him. I dressed him up as their elf on a shelf doll and told them to use him the same way we found their elf on a shelf! My oldest pulled his pants down and started spanking him for being such a bad boy! She pulled him by his ears down to her tiny bald pussy and made him lick her little cunny.

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My youngest pointed out that his little cock was dripping his yummy cream and she wanted it hot and fresh out of the spigot. She got down and started sucking on the head of his tiny cock as my middle child grabbed the biggest strap on I had! She lubed it up and slammed in deep into that naughty elf’s ass! He screamed in my oldest pussy as he was getting butt fucked my middle child and his cock drained by my youngest!

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