Nasty Skank

adult phone chat BobbieI can’t help that I am a nasty fucking skank. I can’t help that all I want is to be FUCKED. It’s really all I think about. All I crave. I finger myself and watch porn all day, if I am being really fucking honest. I need to feel my pussy soaking wet at all times, I need to make my horny desires go away and the only way to do that is to make sure my pussy is getting fucked. My pussy and mouth, or my pussy and ass and mouth… I don’t have a preference and I don’t care if you do ass to mouth either. Do you really think I give a fuck? I don’t! As long as I get to taste your cum mixed with all my juices…no matter where they came from. No one likes a whiny whore, so if it hurts you won’t hear me saying anything about it, sometimes a whore needs a little pain and needs to be treated like the skank that I am – rightfully. My Mommy and Daddy knew they were raising a whore when they found me sucking some boys dick in the school bathroom during orientation. I’ve just always been obsessed with cock and getting FUCKED! And the older I get.. The nastier I get! I guess that is good for all the horny guys out there! lol

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