Mommy Sex Slave Training Camp

adult phone chat nicoletteI’m a mommy whore. Now do not mistake that to mean I am submissive. Quite the opposite. I make my brats my bitches. Don’t let that scare you however, I am not a whips and chains kind of mommy. I am more the face sitting, lick mommy’s ass kind of mommy. None of my brats complain and I have a huge brood too. I have been married twice and both husbands have helped me birth some brats. Now my older brats help me train their half brothers and sisters. They know just what mommy likes. My younger slaves are learning how to eat mommy’s cunt and lick her ass just the way I like it. My oldest son, who is my second husband’s age, has been willing to lend his cock to help my young girls learn how to suck dick. I am so proud of my army of sex slaves.

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