Mommy Sex for Father’s Day

adult phone chat victoriaMommy sex is the best. I just love playing with my offspring. They may be in college now, but both my daughter and my son still think mommy is the best. I raised them as a single mom, so I am like both mother and father to them. They decided to celebrate Father’s Day with me. They spoiled me. First, they made me a feast fit for a king for brunch, complete with mimosas. Then, I got pampered with an in home massage from some hot Swede who spoke little English but had a body that made The Rock look out of shape. All this was followed by some serious pussy pampering. They licked my cunt for hours. Wouldn’t let me do anything for them. They made me lie on the bed, with my legs spread wide while they fingered and licked me. Even my pretty pink puckered asshole got some TLC. I lost count of how many times I came. Squirted all over their faces too. Did you at least get a blowjob for Father’s Day?

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