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I needed a night out. I have three beautiful girls at home who call me mommy and they make me so fucking tired. I needed to let my hair down, go out to a club and have fun. It has been a very long time since I have gone out with a friend. My friend Addison and I have worked together before. She is the life of the party and I was happy she got me out of the house. As we left I told the sitter I’d be back by 10 and I knew that was a lie before I even said it. I have been laying in this bed hung over trying to figure out what happened.

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Addison is naked and sleeping on top of me. I get flash backs of taking shots, kissing everyone and sucking a few cocks to get some free drinks. We came home with someone but ended up fucking each other all night long. Her bald pussy was right in my face and I wanted to lick her again. being sober I still wanted Addison. I started fingering her pussy as she slept, just like I do to my little girls pussies. I wake them up each morning by kissing and fingering their pussies. Addison was wet, filled with cum and so fucking juicy.

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As I fingered her harder and faster she started to moan, slowly waking up in a state of pleasure. She looks back to see me finger fucking her pussy and she slowly backs up and sits her cum filled pussy on my face. I lick her up and down tasting all the cum inside her as she starts licking me. I have no idea what time it is, where I am, who’s cum I am eating out of Addison’s pussy but I can not stop! I want her to cover my face in her yummy pussy juices! 

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