Mama loves that booty fun.

adult phone chatI’m a big gal and I love some big cock. Especially when it’s being shoved in my round little booty. yes, I admit it. Mama loves some anal sex and last night my fantasy came true. It was dark when I was leaving the store. I saw two black men hanging out near my car. I wasn’t afraid. I’m six feet tall and packing. I walked right up to them and asked. “What’s up, boys? Can I help you with something?” One of them grinned and said. “How about some of you, big mama?”  I laughed. “You think you have what I need?” The bigger one unzips his fly, right there in the back of the parking lot.  He drags out a cock so big that my mouth fell open. His friend does the same, revealing another stick of big beef. He takes me by the hand and leads me to my car. “Right here.” I whisper. They both shrug and move in on me. I flip my skirt up, revealing my naked flesh. “OMG.” I hear. “I want you both.” I demand. Soon I have one in my mouth and one in my ass, thick nigger cocks making me moan. I hear a sound and look up to see the store manager watching us, his dick in his hand, all red faced. “Is everything ok out here, ma’am?”  “Yes sir. It’s wonderful. We were just leaving.” I took those boys home that night. They fucked every hole 3 times and left me with a sore ass full of cream. I should do more late night shopping.

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