Let it Rain

adult phone chat bobbieIt rained hard today so I had to go to my neighbor Hector’s house that lives one trailer over. When I got there he had a house full of guys and they were all drunk and leering at me. Hector decided to snatch out my tits and start sucking them in front of everyone. I pushed him away but before I knew it there were cocks everywhere in front of my face and all around me. I started sucking on a few of them because they did look nice and one of them ripped my pants off. They took turns pounding me from behind and face fucking me for hours. I had cum dripping from my face and cunt and was still being thrust at both ends. They then grabbed my arms and held me down while one of them fucked me in the ass with a long nose beer bottle. Since the bottle was so long it stretched my ass to the point where it bled. He only viewed that as lube and fucked me harder with the bottle until I screamed out in pain and pleasure together. They then sent me home dripping beer, blood, and cum from my ass. Hope it rains

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