It’s almost Father’s Day!

teen sex blogsDaddy! You know it’s almost father’s day and I’ve got some seriously fun plans for you and me! We’re going to do sooo many things, all day will be for us. I’ll wake you up with a blowjob, then a yummy breakfast and a massage while you eat. After that it’s round two of me sucking your cock while you watch the game on tv. But soon Daddy, your balls are going to yearn for something else. Something so tight, something like nothing else. What’s that? Oh yeah my tight little pussy! Hehe!!! You can’t do anything but let me sit right on it and take it. Take all the big and hard Daddy dick that has been working so hard for his little girl. Now I am going to work hard for you Daddy I am going to give you what you want and deserve. And you’re going to blow the biggest load in my tight little cunt, I’ll never complain about your cock Daddy cuz it always makes my tight holes gape and me beg for more.

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