Isabella Craves Your Incestuous Adult Phone Chat

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat is what I crave, I get so many of my son’s friends hanging out drooling over my big size C tits and ass. I love  way their eyes light up at the very prospect of fucking a horny milf. For me it’s an instant turn on to tease these young lads. My son knows he can have mommy, but I enjoy making him jealous with these friends. Especially the tall brown football players. I know they have a good sized dick and would fuck me ruthlessly and with great stamina. I end up torturing myself with these hard bodies and all the teasing I do. Throbbing, panties soaked, I went a little too far one day and did a playful strip tease for my son’s closest friend.

Teen cock drives me out of my mind.

I was frustrated when I got a call from a sexy man wanting me to be his mom. He could sense that I was already horny and needed a release. I told him that I was teasing teen dick and made my own son mad at me. That’s when he said I needed to get that young cock back over to have him and  my son sit down to watch jackoff porn. My caller got me off and gave me great advice. He said he would have loved to tag team his own mommy and his best friend years ago. I should keep teasing my son and make sure I tell him that half way through the porn I am going to blow his black teen friend. I lost myself in this role play thinking of how my son would react and how much I would enjoy lifting my ass up for my son to fuck me hard and deep with a jealous rage as I sucked that Teen BBC.

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