Independence Day Celebration

adult phone chat jennaI love Independence Day celebrations. I always dress up patriotically in my red, white, and blue. I go to all the parades, join in on the beach bashes, and end up closing the weekend by bar hopping. Last year, I ran into some very sexy military men during my bar escapades. One of them invited me to join them in a game of pool. I’m not that great, but at that time, I would have joined this hunk in anything. We flirted and enjoyed each others company for a while. Over time and a few drinks, the flirting got more intense. I was so turned on by this hottie. As I leaned into my pool shot again, I felt a hand reach under my short skirt and drift across the center of my blue panties. I wondered if he could feel the dampness and heat through the pantie center. I stayed in that position a little longer than necessary, just enjoying the feeling of his hand on me. When my next shot came around, that same hand found me again, but this time a finger found itself inside my pantie. He fingered my steaming cunt right through my next shot, which landed my 8 ball in the corner pocket, ending the game. I took that Marine home with me that night and showed him my appreciation from his service in a special kind of way. The 4th is coming around again and I wonder if there is any way I can top last years celebration. I am certainly gonna give it my best shot!

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