I love babysitting!

teen sex blogI frequently babysit for one of my neighbor’s wife. She is never home – she doesn’t want to be bothered with mom life and her little ones. She doesn’t trust her hubby enough to take care of them by himself so that is why I am there. I have to take care of that cock and the little ones, little does she know. She doesn’t do enough for him so I gladly will. Put a show on for the brats and their Daddy is all mine. He loves my young pussy, I get paid really well for all the babysitting I do… I make sure to suck his cock like it’s the only cock in the world. I beg him to fuck my cunt, he wants it so badly he is hard even before I show up for work. He can’t help but get even more rock hard watching me clean the house and bending over in my itty bitty short miniskirts I always insist on wearing! He doesn’t mind, he knows that it is easy access and as soon as he can get me alone he will be ripping those panties to the side, bending me over and fucking my tight bald pussy and shoving my face in the pillow so no one can hear my screams of pleasure. Yeah, I’d say babysitting is a great part time job I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon.

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