I just couldn’t resist!

adult phone chatMy grandson came over and spent the whole weekend with me and we had so much fun together! I was a naughty granny though, once I put him in the bathtub and saw that little peepee I just had to play with it, I couldn’t resist it! I washed it with a soft cloth and rubbed him gently until his little dicky was rock hard and he was loving it. He was squirming and giggling and telling me how good it felt so I just had to take it even further. I got him all dried off and brought him into my bedroom so I could lay him on my bed and suck that dickie till he squirted! Mmmm those sweet little balls and cock felt so good in my mouth, my pussy was dripping wet and I needed some satisfaction! My sweet little grandson took care of me though, he kissed my pussy with his sweet little mouth until I came. It was so good that we made sure to do it every day that he was there… now I can’t wait until next weekend when he comes back!

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