Hurt Me

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I am a stupid fucking whore. I am such a piece of shit! I feel even more pathetic today because my master spent all last night beating it into my head literally… I was branded last night. Whipped like a stupid cunt. Used by his friends and his K9’s too. I was nothing but a worthless submissive whore and there was nothing I could do about it. Because it’s true…and all those horribly horrific things are why my cunt gets wet like a nasty girl like me should. No control because I am pathetic and as your subby cunt I plan to do whatever it takes to please you just like my master. He really doesn’t mind sharing me, he in fact encourages other guys to use me all the time. Especially when he walked me around with a collar around my neck and a leash too. He makes me eat jizz, and piss and sometimes shit off the floor when he wants me to feel even more worthless and I do it like a greedy little whore too. I can’t help myself…I am just a piece of shit fucking subby whore.!

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