He loved our adult phone chat call

adult phone chatThis guy Gerald called me the other day and let me tell you, he loved or adult phone chat call. He hooked me up with a fat sack and a nice big tip and all he wanted to do was listen to my brats get fucked by all kinds of perverts. Well, y’all know I can do that easy! I had some horny guys come over and guess what? They fucking paid me too! They paid their money and fucked my brats for hours all while Gerald was listening and jerking his dick. It was hot as fuck but I was high as hell and I was totally not paying Gerald any attention at all. I was way too occupied watching these thugs fuck my brats, I was so fucking wet I made some of them come fuck me too! It was like an orgy and when I was finally done and actually noticed the phone sitting there I picked it up only to hear him still there and getting off! He paid a huge bill but he was so happy, I can’t wait to do it again!

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