Good Little Bitch

Adult phone chat PhoebeDaddy brought me home a fresh clit clamp and vibrator today. He pinched my clit with the clamp and then put the vibrator in my pussy as deep as it could go and turned it on high. He then tied me up, handcuffed, and gagged me with my mouth open so he could come fuck my face all he wanted. The plastic cock constantly shaking in my puss was driving me wild and anytime my daddy put his balls on my chin and his cock in my mouth I am in heaven. After he fucked my throat till he came in my hair he left me there in that position. My pussy was cumming over and over from the still shaking plastic cock inside. Throughout the day daddy just came back to fuck my little slutty mouth whenever he felt like it and made me swallow so much spunk I was in ecstasy. He even took that plastic cock out and fucked my pussy with his wonderful dick since he said I had been a good little bitch. My daddy spoils me so.

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