Get nasty with me!

kinky fetish pornI’m sure it’s certainly unimaginable that a girl as hot as me, a girl with big perky tits and the perfect, tightest and horniest holes would be as filthy dirty as I am…Well my dear, it’s true in fact. I’m your fuck pig ready to get as nasty as you are willing and able to handle. Maybe just maybe it was all the Mexican food I ate last night… or maybe all the fiber in my diet, but I’ve been a slave to my toilet all day long! I would much rather make you my toilet though. I know you want my shit on your chest more than you want it flushed down the toilet. In fact, how could I even imagine dropping such a fat shit like this into a toilet and flushing it away, what a fucking waste of a perfectly good hot shit! Well now that you’re here my dear, I’ll be sure to share all my shit and piss with you. I’ll shit wherever you want me to, and if you’d let me I’d love to sit on your cock as I take my next dump. Can you just imagine sliding your cock into my tight ass as I shit all over it, covering your cock with my shit I know it won’t take you long to cum now will it? Soon you’ll be mixing your cum with my shit – how hot is that! We can’t forget to end things with a hot golden shower! It’ll clean you up a little, and we can both enjoy a nice sweet drink cuz oh yes darling my piss is as sweet as my wet pussy and equally delicious too!

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