Get Jizzy With It…..

adult phone chat jizzyI have been known to throw some wild parties in my day. The kind with lots of drink and lots of cum flowing. Not a soft cock in the house. Not a dry pussy in sight! I know a private little beach that I haven’t been to in some time. I don’t know why the little spot came to mind but as soon as it did I had the best idea for a crazy little beach party.
phone sex viv2The entire theme of the party was going to be cum….delicious…creamy…..mouth watering jizz! Thus the invitation to all my friends to “Get Jizzy With It”
All the drinks planned were sex related…Drinks such as Anal Sex, Southern Screw, Black Pussy, Blue Balls, Clit Licker, Cock Sucking Cowboy (feel free to look up the recipes and try any or all of them, they are divine)jackoff porn cum
I also bought a couple of beer hats, but we didn’t fill them with beer, nope not a chance! The glasses on either side of the hat were filled with cum and we were cum guzzling out of it all day long!
No one throws a summer party like I do!phone sex viv

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