Fuck My Big Bouncy Breasts

Big bouncy breastsThe best thing about my big bouncy breasts is that they are great for titty fucking. I love giving blowjobs, but these big tits make it even better. I love dropping to my knees and taking your long hard cock in my mouth. I enjoy teasing the head with my tongue and licking that pre-cum from the tip. Once I have your cock nice and wet, I’ll put my tits on each side and start giving you a nice tit massage. As you start to slide your cock up and down between my tit valley, I bob my head up and down, keeping the head held firmly in my mouth. Continuously, I move my tongue all around the head. When I press my tongue into the skin just beneath your cock head, you start to shoot your load. Pulling your head from my mouth, we both watch as you shoot your load on my breasts. The sticky cum begins dripping down over my belly and thighs. Some of your hot load even drips to my pussy. I lift my tits to my mouth one at a time, licking the cum from them.

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