You wanted me so bad this morning. You woke up early and came into my room, starting at the end of the bed, pulling up the covers, revealing the feet you love so much. You started kissing and sucking on my toes, one by one. It was not until your tongue traced the arch of my left foot that I finally woke a little. You thought you had been caught and were surely going to be sent back to your room, but no no. “Suck my toes, baby”, as I guided them back into your mouth. Feels so good. You took your time enjoying each and every single freshly pedicured red nail polish covered toe. You treated each one like an individual task to please and seduce. You placed what is becoming your manhood in between the arches of my feet and thrusted really slowly, enjoying each and every curve. You continued to thrust slowly as you let your tongue trace up my calf and inner thigh. Finally then, I was ready for more of you. I grabbed the back of your head and guided you were you belonged. That tongue works magic. You have always appreciated where you came into this world.

Dirty Phone Talk

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