Fantasy Phone Chat with my Furry Friend

adult phone chat DebbieSex had gotten so boring lately, until Benjy called me up for some fantasy phone chat the other day. Oh my goodness, what a sweet little pup! And so well behaved, too!

jackoff porn DebbieFirst, we went to the park. Benjy got curious about what was up under my skirt, and so he poked his little nose up there. I guess he liked what he found, because he started licking my pussy under my skirt, right there in public! When he began humping my leg, I had to stop him. We walked around a bit, and he piddled in a few places to mark what was his, and then I told him to do a little doodie before we went home.

fantasy phone chat DebbieBut before we went home, we played a game of fetch. I found a good sized stick, and threw it. He brought it back to me, but didn’t want to give it back right away, so we played tug of war with it for a bit. That’s when I had the idea to slide that huge, phallic stick into my wet pussy and get it coated in my dripping juices that Benjy seemed to like so much. Just a little bit. I threw the stick again, and this time, he REALLY wouldn’t give it up. We played fetch and tug of war a bit more, then went back home, so he could continue cleaning up the mess my pussy had made.

We had a fun time with our kinky adult phone chat, and I hope he calls again!

kinky phone chat Debbie

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