Fantasy Phone Chat with a Sick Bitch

fantasy phone chatFantasy phone chat with me is not for vanilla boys. I am a hardcore sadist bitch. I can be your accomplice or your dominatrix, but I can never be your victim. My favorite fantasy is castration. What is yours? I get off day dreaming about lobbing off the balls of worthless men. Total losers with  tiny dicks. Asshats like Michael Vic who can’t pick a fair fight. Fucking stupid morons who have no right procreating. I look at my castration fantasies as population control. I help ensure the world that no more worthless fuckers are born. And, for those already roaming the earth in way too many numbers, I fantasize about snuffing them out. This goes for women and brats too. Plenty of stupid whores who deserve to no longer breathe. I bet you dated one, or better yet, married one? Also, so many little annoying rug rats running around. I just want to pimp them out for some money then snuff them. My fantasies belong on the dark side. Snuff, force fucking, torture sex, castration, BDSM, fisting, any thing bloody. You get the picture right? If you are a twisted little masochist, then think of all the twisted kinky phone chat we can enjoy.

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