Fantasy Phone Chat: What is Your Sexy Fantasy?

fantasy phone chat rape fantasiesWhat is your fantasy phone chat? I am a submissive whore, on the phone and in life. I have rape phone sex fantasies. I know I look like a Goddess; the blonde bitch that snubbed you in school or at work or even at the club. Regardless of appearances, I want to be force fucked. My ultimate fantasy is a stranger scenario. I’m at a club, drinking way too much to pay attention to the guys walking behind me. If I even notice, I am sure I just think they are watching my fine off limits ass as I walk home.

Suddenly, the sound of feet hitting the pavement is louder and closer. I feel something hit me against the back of the head. I wake up in the alley like a dirty whore, bound and gagged. Five surround me. They spit on me, slap me, call me horrible names. One grabs the back of my head and forces my mouth down on his cock making me gag and drool. My eyes start to water. As I am trying to suck his dick, I feel hands violating my body. Fingers forcefully enter my cunt and ass. When cocks start violating me, I cry out for help. I get punched hard in the face.

I wake up, naked in a dirty alley, covered in cum. A group of guys walk by. I beg for help but they see free pussy and violate me again. I’m forced to crawl home naked, battered and filled with cum. My dignity on the alley pavement. I want so bad to be used in the worst way. Maybe you can help me role play my fantasy? What are your dark fantasies?

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