Eww Cucky Loserrrr

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Ewwwww! I just caught a little cucky loser wearing my panties and peeping in the window while I was fucking! Ugh he was so gross! He had his tiny little dick in my panties and he was just rubbing it like crazy so I definitely don’t want those back. It was super funny tho when I yelled at him, he froze up and couldn’t even move at all… Not even when I sent my lover out there to snatch him up and make him come inside. He was shaking and crying and begging me not to call the police, it was so funny all I could do was laugh. I told him that I wouldn’t call the police as long as he did whatever I told him to and he agreed pathetically fast. I told him that he made my stud’s cock go limp so he was gonna have to fix that for me and even tho he clearly didn’t want to, he opened his mouth and got to sucking! I guess I have a new little pet now huh?

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