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adult phone chat

There are times when it is great to be an adult phone chat slut! Like tonight I get to tell all my horny men what happened to me today. Still wary of going out and about, I had finally gotten the pool service to send me out a pool boy. Now they know this momma loves the sexy ones with a viable cock. I have a certain reputation with the service industry around town. That’s what happens when your husband can only satisfy you outside the bedroom. So on to my tale, I know your cock is beginning to get the blood flowing and that is what I like. A mand reading my blogs with his cock in his hand! A nice tall young man showed up seemingly unaware of what a milf whore I am. I opened the door expecting a repeat pool boy. On whom need I needed to be serviced before the pool was cleaned! I was a little disappointed but figured game on! I put on my tiny bikini and took out my sun cream and watched as he set up his equipment. I began slathering my tits and nothing. I cleared my throat and asked if he was thirsty in the heat? On of my tits exposed “accidentally”. His eyes got wide and he said Ma’am your boob and looked away quickly. Hmm, I thought to myself just my luck, but I would not be deterred in my mission. At times like these, I wish I had a big strong son with a huge dick so I wouldn’t have to play these games. I brought us some of my sweet iced tea and he went back to work. I made a decision; I would make a jackoff porn scene and he would not be able to deny me! I squirted the sun cream all over my ass as I bent over and said I need my pussy serviced so loud the neighbor probably heard! He was startled. I didn’t even know his name But I walked across the deck shedding my swimsuit. I grabbed that young man pressed my tits into him and shoved my tongue down his throat. I would get the fucking I deserved!

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