Bound to Get Fucked

Jackoff porn is your hobby and you love to make some of the most fucked up videos I have ever seen. You tricked me into coming to your place to “watch” your latest creation, and when I got there you were waiting inside with some rope. Before I could ask what you were doing, you shoved a pair of used panties in my mouth and threw me to floor and tied me up. I looked over and saw your camera rolling and knew that I was now the highlight of your next film.

jackoff porn
I had seen some of your other movies and I knew you had some scary shit in store for me today. I tried to get myself undone, but you tied me too tight and I couldn’t scream. I didn’t want to cry because then I wouldn’t be able to breathe. I couldn’t believe you were doing this to me. I thought we were friends. You pulled a big box over towards me and emptied it out on the floor. Sure enough it was the same items I had seen in your prior “movies” – a hammer, several knives, dildos with spikes on them and other metal things I didn’t even recognize.

You started with my tits and pierced them with little sharp hooks. My head was spinning from the sharp stabbing pain, and then to my surprise my pussy started throbbing with orgasm. What the fuck? My body actually responded to the pain like it never had before. You saw my orgasm flow over me and just laughed. You knew exactly what you were doing. You didn’t want adult phone chat – you wanted to take me for real and torture my tiny body here on your hard floor. You worked on me all day long as I went in and out of consciousness from the pain. I know you fucked me every time I passed out because I could feel your cum on my thighs when I woke up.

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