Bare that ass for Mama

jackoff pornI told you before, son, that if you pissed mommy off, there would be hell to pay. You’ve gone and done it. I was missing my most favorite vibrator and I found it in your room, covered in shit. You dirty little sissy, having such a tiny cock is one thing, but abusing my personal toys is another. At least have the decency to wash your crusted butt filth from it. Like I said, you’re gonna pay. I’ll be waiting when you come home from work. You’ll see me standing there with the filthy latex penis in hand, knowing that you’re in trouble. I smile an evil smile as my robe falls open, revealing a massive black strap-on. I’m holding a small riding crop and I slap it against my hand. I don’t say a word but merely point to the floor. You drop to your knees, dropping your jeans. I see that you’re wearing a pair of my favorite panties. I land the crop with a loud swish right on your waiting ass. It gives me pleasure to see you arch in pain. I give you 5 more until you beg for mercy. As I place my fat head against your puckered hole, you know that your punishment is about to begin.

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