An Erotic Dream

Big bouncy breastsI sit on the patio as the day starts. The sun warming my face as I drink my coffee. I woke up from an incredibly erotic dream and had not been able to shake the horny feelings yet. I let my hand wander down to my wet pussy as I thought about the details of the dream. You are a bbw lover and show it when you kiss and touch all the sensitive spots on my body. You pay special attention to my huge tits, lapping happily at my areolas.  You work your way down to my fat pussy, spreading the lips and taking them into your mouth one at a time, sucking greedily. You spread my lips and take my clit into your mouth sucking and nibbling at my sensitive bud. When you release my clit, your tongue snakes its way into my pussy, licking up my wetness, tasting me. Your hand moves to my ass, and I feel your finger enter me as you continue eating my pussy. Your finger becomes more insistent, working its way all the way into my tight rose bud. I beg you to fuck my ass. As you move into position behind me, your hard cock poised to take possession of my tight asshole, something wakes me from my dream, leaving me frustrated. I try to go back to sleep to recapture the dream. I want so desperately to feel your hardness in my ass, but am unable to fall asleep, which is why I now sit on my patio fingering my cunt, trying to get some relief from this horniness.

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