Alanza Adult phone chat DP

jackoff pornI pride myself on being a jack off porn whore. I cant do vanilla sex it just doesn’t get my pussy wet. I need to Dominate or else have a man who can whip and spank my big tits until they feel like raw hamburger meat! When I first came out to the BDSM world I needed to try everything out. I went gaga for cum eating, cream pie’s, double anal, and face fucking! I was often invited to test my cock sucking skills for the men in the hood. Public display no less, watching a dirty whore suck a golf ball through a garden hose! I would practically run down to the dealers house. I needed a couple of men with big dicks and I sucked them both off like the true motherfucking whore that I am! With my legs spread wide inviting a gangbang!

Alanza Forced to get DP! 

Soon I would have a dealer that shared depraved fantasies that got me really hot. This man takes control and loves to humiliate and dominate me. He is the one who taught me all about double penetration. Not ass and pussy at the same time, but two in my ass, or two in my pussy. I had to be restrained and tied up tight to get both cocks in my hole at the same time! But Imp a good adult phone chat tramp and I did it! 

adult phone chat
And since he knew what a cock sucking slut I am, I was given as much cock as I could, so I opened wide and had two guys fuck my mouth. And took two on my ass hole while screaming around the other two cocks! It took some Intense maneuvering, but hey, I love cock, so I finally got both their hard salamis in my mouth and I sucked their balls dry. They don’t call me  Big hole whore for nothing!

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