Adult Phone Chat with subby hoe will have you cuming over and over

Adult Phone Chat with a subby whore who knows how to be used in any way is always fun. This year my master used me as a Christmas gift for his friend. First he tied me up and slapped my face. “Bitch you better not let me down”. “Show my friend I trained you well” he said with a stern look on his face. After the last knot was tied, he put me in a big box and sealed it.

“Stay in there bitch and don’t make any sounds”. Therefore when I heard talking I made sure to keep real quiet. After some ripping, the box opened up. “You are gifting me your whore?” He asked my master “yes for the weekend”, my master responded. “You can do as you please with her ” he smiles and hands over my leash attached to my neck. After we arrived at his house he walked me down like a dogbitch with my hands and arms still in bondage to his basement.

Adult Phone Chat

His fun dungeon is what he calls it. “Get on my lap and bend bitch” he says loudly as he pulls hard on my leash so hard I almost fell. Therefore I got on his lap and got ready for whatever he had in mind. After he slapped my ass a few times he demanded me to “beg me to fuck your mouth”. Then I begged “Please sir fuck my pathetic mouth, make me worth taking your semen”. First he slapped me with his cock and I opened my mouth to wait for his cock.

“Suck my cock and show me you are worthy of being my Christmas gift” he said while fucking my throat. He was pumping his cock deep in my mouth that I almost threw up. But I wanted to show my that I have gotten good training and I didn’t and just sucked him harder. “Yeah you were trained very well” he moaned out as his balls tightened up and he started pumping all his gooey jizz in my mouth. Finally I was getting fed something.

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