Adult phone chat with my pregnant cunt

Adult phone chatAdult phone chat with my sloppy wet pregnant cunt is exactly what the doctor ordered for me. I’ve been craving it sooo much! I’m so fucking horny and I need to be manhandled by a kinky ass pervert that wants to get fuckin filthy with me. My little one in my womb is growing larger by the day and I can feel it! Her kicks are getting stronger and her hands always seem to push right up against my bladder which always makes me have to go pee. I’m running to the toilet constantly! I have a few empty mason jars that I’ve filled up with some of my pregnancy piss. It tastes sooo good, I’ve been drinking it all day long! It’s so tasty and so nutritious. My boobies have been lactating out so much creamy goodness. I love how my jugs look when they’re all swollen and filled with juice. Let’s watch some jackoff porn together while we both masturbate.

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