Adult Phone Chat with Mommy

adult phone chatAdult phone chat is great escape. You can pretend to be any age. You can pretend to fuck anyone you want. If you call me, you can pretend to fuck mommy. I love playing mommy on the phone. I am a real-life mommy whore. I thought I was insatiable before. This virus has made me even hornier. Good thing my youngest boy and girl still live at home. I am a Southern California gal. We are having record heat waves. It is so hot, we do not even want to be outside in the pool. We have the AC on blast and fans to circulate the cool air. Plus, we are all walking around naked. Schools are paused until something safe can be figured out. The past few days have been all about family fucking. My son and daughter want to be in school or hanging with their friends. Instead, they are fucking mommy. Not that I ever distract them from doing other things. There just is not anything else right night that I could distract them from doing. So, we fuck. I fuck my son. I use a strap-on on my daughter and my son fucks his sister. We have a lot of family fun. I mean if you are stuck at home, might as well make the best of the bad situation, right?

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